STORM / MAX K. | HE / HIM | 23



- I have the right to decline any commission.-Commissioners must provide a flat-colored full-body reference image of the character they would like drawn. I will not accept written descriptions, and I do not offer custom designs at this time.- I have the right to cancel and refund a commission, should circumstances demand it.- Commission slots operate on a first come, first serve basis.- Commissioners must be at least 18 years of age to order. I am not comfortable working with minors in this setting, and should I find you have lied about your age, you will be blacklisted.- Major edits to a piece may be requested up until the lineart phase, any further edits requested thereafter will incur a fee of 15% of the commission's base price.- I retain the original rights to the piece of commissioned artwork. Commissioners retain the original rights to the characters depicted in said artwork.- Commissions will vary in time, but, on average, should not take longer than 4 weeks to complete. I will contact a commissioner should there be any delays due to extenuating circumstances. I greatly appreciate your patience.-Please do NOT use my commission form/work email to contact me for non-commission related inquiries, or order a commission as a 'joke'.


- Payment is required up-front and in full. I do not do payment plans at this time.- Prices are set and non-negotiable.- I accept USD via PayPal ONLY at this time. I do not accept any form of non-legal currency or cryptocurrency.- Once your commission is confirmed, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. The payment must be sent within 48 hours of the invoice. Failure to provide payment within this timeframe WITHOUT notifying me of any issues will result in the commission being cancelled.- Commissions may be refunded 100% of the original price up through the sketching phase. Refund rates will vary beyond that. Any requests for refunds at the coloring phase and beyond will be denied.


- The commissioner may repost and utilize my art for their own personal use, provided that I am credited.-I reserve the right to use any of the art I have created for commissions for both portfolio and example purposes, as well as post them to my own social media. If you would like me to refrain from posting your commission, or would like to remain anonymous, please let me know.-You may NOT remove my signature or in any way claim that my art is your own.- My commission work is intended for personal use. If you wish to use it in any sort of commercial capacity (ie., advertising, merchandise, etc.), you must gain my permission first. Additional fees may apply depending on circumstances, and I reserve the right to deny any of these requests at my own discretion.- I STRICTLY PROHIBIT the use of any and all of my work being used in regards to cryptocurrency, NFTs, or the training of artificial intelligence networks.


I WILL draw:
-Original Characters
-Fan Characters/Fanart
-Anthropomorphic Characters/Furries
-Non-anthropomorphic Animal/'Feral' Characters
-'Closed Species' Characters
-Body Horror
-Non-sexual/Artistic Nudity
-Light-to-Moderate Blood/Gore/Violence
I will NOT draw:
-ANY form of bigotry/hate speech (ex. Nazi symbolism, racist content, homophobia/transphobia, etc.)
-Heavy Religious Imagery
-Fetish/Pornographic Content
-Extreme Blood/Gore/Violence
-Real People
-Mech/Elaborate Robot Designs

Commission information



Shows characters from the shoulders up.


Shows characters from the waist up.


Shows the entire character.

Add-Ons & extras

  • COMPLEXITY FEE: +25% Of base price

  • ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS: +75% of Base Price Per additional character

  • Rough Color: +50% of base price - only applies to sketches!

ORDERING & availability

To Order:
Contact me either via email at [email protected]
via direct message at @stormteeth on Discord.
Please include what type of commission and any add-ons you would like to order (ex. halfbody sketch, flat color fullbody w/ an additional character, etc.), an attached reference image of what you would like to be drawn, and any additional information or references (such as pose, outfit, etc.). I will contact you to let you know if I am able or unable to take your commission.